‘Our marine world is a precious gift. A gift from nature that sustains all life on this planet.’

– Valerie Taylor AM

CollaborOCEANS brings ‘creatives’ together from all industries as a collective inspiration of action to protect the natural beauty of our marine life, reefs and oceans.



We aim to elevate collective marine conservation through artistic ‘inspirations’


What is CollaborOCEANS?

Our blue planet is magnificent with its diverse marine life and CollaborOCEANS is raising awareness with ‘creatives’ who are passionate about ocean conservation. CollaborOCEANS Patrons and Ambassadors ‘creatively’ drive our efforts for ocean action. We work together and enjoy this artistic approach to conservation through hosting exhibitions, special events and campaigns – We are ‘better together!’


CollaborOCEANS is an Australian based, globally operating ‘creatives’ business with a focus on promoting ocean conservation beauty and action with exhibitions, special campaigns and events in both Sydney, and Los Angeles.

Founded in 2020, with the first Souls of the Seas Exhibition – ‘Empowering’ – which was held in one of the stunning bays of Mosman in Sydney, Australia it has gone onto curating a world-class artistic show called -’Kingdom of Coral’ – on the Sails of the Sydney Opera House for World Ocean Day 2021.

The team at CollaborOCEANS are connected to incredibly talented people who are passionate about ocean and marine life conservation. Globally recognised conservationist Valerie Taylor AM became our Exhibition Patron in 2020, followed by Youth Patron Olympic Diver Sam Fricker, and our Science Patron Prof. Chris Turney. We are proud of our Ambassadors who make up a diverse range of ‘industries’ – Including Multi-Award winning marine photographer Charlotte Piho, Australian Cubism Artist who is successfully based in Los Angeles James Peter Henry, Ethical and Sustainable Children’s Education Swimwear Founder Courtney Purcell, Internationally Acclaimed Multi-Award winning ocean and nature photographer Craig Parry and Archibald 2022 Prize Winner Sydney based Koori Artist Blak Douglas.

We look forward to continually collaborating with all of our Patrons, Ambassadors and Creatives.


World Ocean Day 2021 CollaborOCEANS ‘Kingdom of Coral’ Exhibition on the ‘Sails of the Sydney Opera House

Pioneering marine conservationist and global icon Valerie Taylor AM, who is known more in front of a camera, then behind a paint brush led the lighting up of the ‘Sails’ of the Opera House with a Joint Exhibition with abstract artist Timothy Johnston. Their desire in showcasing a range of artists brought together ‘creatives’ from across the world to artistically collaborate on the ‘Sails.’ Valerie had the opportunity to reveal her beautiful talent with her whimsically marine underwater illustrations, depicting an adventurous ‘Mermaid’ named Melody who is a marine life guardian. A fitting message for our times.


Collaboration with Courtney Purcell Founder of Sea Glory Swim.

In 2021, CollaborOCEANS collaborated on a collection with Courtney Purcell Founder of Sea Glory Swim with our Exhibit Patron Valerie Taylor AM. The collection featured the stunning illustrations from her children’s book ‘Melody the Mermaid’ based on Valerie’s own real life ocean adventures. Timothy Johnston, Founder of CollaborOCEANS collaborated with Valerie and Courtney to create the children’s ethical swimwear range called – ‘Valerie’- which can be viewed here on


Swim 4A Fish ©

Established in 2021 by Timothy Johnston Swim 4A Fish is a homegrown initiative responding to the critical need for ocean action for endangered marine species.

20 volunteer swimmers from the ‘Bold and the Beautiful Swim Squad Manly’ took up the challenge and swam for the World First Conservation Shark Recovery Program for the NSW/OLD Leopard Shark with world renown environmental organisation – Conservation International and its Shark Recovery Goal Partner Star Project. The target financial goal was raised, which kick started a successful story of seeing Australia’s Leopard Shark begin its conservation journey of recovery.


The vision for Swim 4A Fish derived from chats over meals with Valerie. Many times Valerie would highlight we grow crops and then replant, but we do not do this for the ocean ‘we just take take take without thought of consequence’. With 90% of fishing stock depleting from the ocean, we need to give back what we take. We all enjoy the ocean, its seafood and its shore’s – which is not only great but life-giving! Swim 4A Fish is a fun and happy community ocean initiative to help replenish fishing grounds with High Protection Marine Zones as well as working with Conservation International and other organisations who have recovery programs for our Endangered Marine Species.

Swim 4A Fish is a CollaborOCEANS community ocean initiative, now operating in conjunction with Youth Ocean Carnival. It invites communities to host their own events, with the goal of widespread Ocean Action. With the UN Sustainable Development goals firmly in sight for 2030, now is the time to come together to make a difference. Individuals, schools, swim clubs, sports teams, and community groups are mobilised to do their part for the protection of Endangered Marine Species by swimming at their local beach or pool to raise funds for a specific conservation project. By acting together, we can make a difference for the future of the blue planet.


2022 – Youth Ocean Carnival, World Ocean Day 2022 inaugural event with Sam Fricker

2022 – Global Goal Partnership with Conservation International 

2021 – CollaborOCEANS collaborated on a collection with Courtney Purcell Founder of Sea Glory Swim with our Exhibit Patron Valerie Taylor AM from her children’s book called ‘Melody the Mermaid.’ Beautiful illustrations of adventure transferred to children’s ethical swimwear. The whimsical Collection is called ‘Valerie’ . 

2021 – Swim 4A Fish with Conservation International World First Conservation Shark Recovery Program in conjunction with volunteers of Bold and the Beautiful Swim Squad Manly  

2021 – Taronga Zoo Gala Dinner CollaborOCEANS ‘Kingdom of Coral’ Joint Ocean Exhibition with Timothy Johnston and Valerie Taylor AM

2021 – Valerie Taylor AM ‘Melody the Mermaid’ Kingdom of Coral Exhibition Taronga Zoo

2021 – World Ocean Day CollaborOCEANS Light Projection on the ‘Sails of the Sydney Opera House’ with Valerie Taylor AM, Abstract artist Timothy Johnston, acclaimed photographer Kara Rosenland, Olympian Sam Fricker, Multi-International Award winning ocean photographer Charlotte Piho, LA based Cubism Artist James Peter Henry, Ethical and Sustainable Swimwear Courtney Purcell, Multi-International Award winning ocean and nature photographer Craig Parry and Archibald Winner Koori Artist Blak Douglas. With special guest ‘creative’ Hayley Baillie. 

2020 – Souls of the Seas Ocean Exhibition – ‘Empowering’ Mosman Wharf